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At CGC Recruitment, we have a dedicated Government division which supplies staff to local, state, and federal government departments. With sector experience spanning over 8 years, we're well equipped to manage the intricacies of government systems, including the different payroll requirements for different award rates.

Our specialised public service team supports our clients with administration and technical roles across Government, delivering contract, temporary, and permanent recruitment solutions for our candidates.

Working in the public sector is full of possibilities - and there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers. We need great people to help fill our rewarding roles, and are currently looking for outcome-based individuals to drive and shape the future of NSW.



What agencies does CGC recruit for?

CGC Recruitment partners with many national and regional agencies. Right now in NSW we’re working with:

  • Service NSW: Service NSW is passionate about creating opportunities for people to contribute ideas, drive change, and grow their careers. The key roles we’re currently recruiting for include call centre operators and customer service.
  • Department of Communities and Justice: The Department offers a variety of career paths for people in professional roles, from entry level to executive. These rewarding roles help families and promote early intervention and inclusion in order to provide benefits for the whole community.
  • Transport: Roles in this sector offer our candidates interesting and challenging work across a range of professions, and include businesses such as Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, and State Transit Authority.


How to start a career in the public sector

Working in the public sector offers diverse opportunities. You can have a career in management, administration, technical fields, health and construction, to name a few.  These roles attract a broad spectrum of people, including:

  • those seeking a change of profession
  • individuals returning to the workforce
  • graduates, and
  • career public sector professionals.

Like all industries, the public sector is always looking for top talent, and certain sectors (for example, professional services) are particularly interesting to agencies.  Experientially when candidates have experience of working with/alongside them.

However, if you’re starting out or looking to start your career in this sector, consider an entry level or temporary/contract position to get your foot in the door. It will provide you with an invaluable starting point in terms of understanding the systems, processes, protocols, and the different types of stakeholders and engagement required.   

And once that’s achieved, it’s crucial to:

  • maintain strong relationships with your recruiter, as all roles (particularly contingent workforce roles) go through recruitment partners, and 
  • be proactive with your relationships inside the government departments, as many job opportunities have long lead times. By keeping your managers informed of when your contract is expiring and when you’ll be available for the next role, you’ll receive advance notification as to what roles are coming up and who will be hiring.  


The government sector providing stability for contract job seekers

Public sector jobs provide stability and security. This is because government organisations won’t go out of business. The ever-increasing population also means the public sector is continuously growing and expanding, so there’s an abundance of opportunities for job seekers.  

Many of our contracts at CGC Recruitment may start at 3 months, but are often extended beyond that period into 6 and 12 month contracts. This can lead to permanent opportunities. Therefore, if you explore the route of working on a temporary or contract basis, government roles are fairly secure.

Competitive pay, work life balance, and a great working environment are all perks of working as a contractor. What you might miss in permanent benefits, you’ll make up for in other areas, like flexibility, increased rates, experience and exposure to other roles.


Connect with us

If you’re keen to contribute to shaping our cities, centres, and communities, we currently have many public sector roles to fill, including regional work. As an approved partner of key local, state, and federal government agreements, we have access to the best public sector jobs available.

Discover if you're a good fit for a career in public services by contacting:

Jazeema Kuthubdeen - NSW Government Recruitment Consultant:

You can also search our latest vacancies here, or alternatively, upload your CV and we’ll contact you when we have a suitable vacancy available.

We look forward to hearing from you!