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Welcome to the October edition of the CGC newsletter. In this month’s newsletter we have an update on the Building Industry and tips to clients for securing good candidates thanks to Building Team Leader, Billy Versey. And to fill you in on the CGC Social events, David Thompson graces the page.

Building Update, Billy Versey

Following on from James’s comments last month, some quick research online will show you NSW has nearly thirty $100m plus projects underway across the civil and construction sectors. Three of these being over a billion. This is coupled with billions of dollars budgeted for the 5 years in government spend.

The facts are there – the NSW construction market will be buoyant for the foreseeable future and our clients are trying to capitalize on this. What will be key to project wins is whether clients, and their partnering recruiter CGC, can find them relevant staff.

Whilst finding staff is one challenge, ensuring they accept the opportunity is another.

Securing a candidate against your competition

It has come to a stage where employees-in-demand hold the cards and our advice to clients is to focus on the key selling points of your particular business and why the opportunity to work for your business is such an exciting one.

A well-structured interview, and thorough interview process can be the difference between getting the right person and just missing out.

If the process becomes drawn out this delay may open the door for your competitors to swoop in and secure the candidate before you can.

Be organised, direct and know what you are looking for in your candidate, please bear in mind you may not tick every box. Have essential and desirable skillsets identified.

Things to think about as an employer:

  • What are your unique selling points?
    1. ​​Staff retention rates
    2. Culture
    3. Team environment
    4. 3 to 5 year plan for the business and employee
    5. Expected working hours
    6. Structured career path

  • Why should someone work for you as opposed to a competitor?
  • What will the first week / first few days look like for the employee?
  • What projects will they be part of and what is the project dynamic?
  • Offer an orientation day where your chosen candidate can meet the team for 30 minutes to break the ice.
  • What are the future plans for the particular role and how does that affect the candidate?

These are simple things to implement in your recruitment process but will help you secure candidates against the competition.

 CGC Social

It was quite the month here at CGC on the social side and a number of congratulations need to be made.

Firstly the elder statesman Evan Morgans turned 40, if there is ever a man to seek a pearl of wisdom from, its Evan, then swiftly ignored… And the latest addition to the squad, Matt Weighill turned 28. Happy birthday lads.

James Loomes got married to the beautiful Ella Neath in Bali; it was a lovely ceremony in an unbelievable location. Congratulations to you both and we all wish you many happy years together.

This month CGC turned 5 years old, congratulations to Jim and Nick on their success. From all the staff at CGC and as a gesture of appreciation for everything they do for us, we had a caricature painted of them. See the photo – it’s pretty accurate!

Last Friday CGC celebrated a record quarter for the business! It was a full complement bar Gravel Morrison aka Steve Morris who was MIA in Byron Bay. The day kicked off in the Intercontinental Hotel for a feed to prepare us for the day. We then kicked on to golf in the city for 18 holes and some light refreshments. There was some decent golf on show as well as some pretty dodgy stuff. The game was rounded off with a ‘closest to the pin challenge’, Evan pipped Rory with a decent 3 metres to the pin.

We then boarded a charter boat ‘Enigma’ for a luxury cruise around the harbour. The weather was perfect and at times we had to pinch ourselves looking out at the Sydney skyline from the water. Throughout the afternoon we enjoyed the sights of the harbour before stopping off at Athol Bay Beach and Neilsen’s Park for some swimming.

There was some questionable form diving off the boat from James ’the cat’ Loomes and David ‘chip’ Hope who was seen skidding up on deck like a seal being chased by a Tiger Shark.

The day was finished off in fitting style at the Sky Terrace rooftop at the Star Casino. By nine o’clock mental fatigue had set in and Connect Four was the winner. An absolutely cracking day was had by all. Thanks again to Jim & Nick for laying it all on.