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While some organisations dropped demand for administration staff at the beginning of the pandemic, most have returned to normal staffing levels. 

However, the recent skyrocketing Covid-19 case numbers have forced many workers to isolate, producing an increase in demand for relief staff across the admin support function. Staff fluctuations are also attributed to staff going on holidays due to the reopening of borders.  

CGC Recruitment has addressed these challenges by remaining agile and offering flexible solutions for our clients. Our specialist admin support team has a strong focus in providing high quality temporary candidates and quickly meeting staffing needs on short notice.  




Areas of expertise

Recently, our Senior Consultant for Admin Support, Mikaila O’Brien fulfilled a number of temp relief roles including:

  • reception
  • front office coordinators
  • bid coordinators
  • document controllers

The duration of the roles varied from several weeks to several months. The opportunities that can stem from these roles  are extensive. Some candidates are offered permanent roles after their contract period has ended, while others are brought back again for other relief roles.  

We cater for a diverse range of clients from industries such as:

  • fit out and refurbishment
  • infrastructure service providers
  • design and construction
  • engineering 

Mikaila has had an excellent track record with filling gaps quickly - providing temp staff with same day commencements or the following day after receiving the brief.


Why you should consider hiring temporary administration staff

There are several key reasons why you may need to hire temporary administration staff.  The most common reasons from our clients include the need to:

  • quickly fill a role that has suddenly become vacant
  • provide relief for employees who are ill due to Covid or for those who need to isolate
  • respond to an unexpected surge in new projects
  • hire staff that has specialist skills 

 CGC Recruitment provides effective staffing solutions

If you’re in the engineering or construction industry and facing challenges such as being short-staffed, consider partnering with a specialised recruitment agency like us.

Due to the pandemic, recruitment agencies like CGC Recruitment are often relied upon to provide temporary relief staff as it brings many benefits:

  • Fast access to high quality candidates
    We dedicate time and resources to ensure we have access to strong candidates who are:
    - experienced 
    - in between permanent roles - as well as looking to fill gaps and upskill in new businesses for smaller periods

We pre-screen and qualify candidates to ensure they’re experienced, can hit the ground running, and are a good fit for the role and organisation.  


  • Flexibility and reduced risk
    As many organisations are still in economic recovery, hiring temporary relief staff offers flexibility and reduced monetary risk. Organisations that are focused on ‘leaner’ operations may only hire staff when they’re absolutely required. That’s why temp staffing is a cost effective solution. Having a fluid workforce can adapt to the changes of an organisation’s demands.  

  • Specialist skills/industry
    If you require administration staff for the engineering, construction, and government industries, you’ll require a staffing agency that has a niche focus. Our candidates possess a specialist set of skills, knowledge and experience.  This means they can fulfill a role more effectively than a candidate with ‘general’ administration support experience.  

Connect with us

Whether you need receptionists, office coordinators, bid coordinators or finance administration staff, our specialist recruiter Mikaila O’Brien is keen to support you. 

To discover how engaging temporary staff could benefit your business today, get in touch below:

Mikaila O’Brien, Senior Consultant

We look forward to hearing from you!


About CGC Recruitment

CGC Recruitment is a specialist construction, infrastructure, engineering, and architecture recruitment consultancy. We view our clients as our partners and work closely with them to meet their business needs. We work with some of Australia’s largest construction brands through to specialist SMEs and boutique consultants. We have proven experience delivering permanent, contract and retained recruitment solutions, consistently providing the right candidates for the right roles at the right time.

If you have an active role you’d like to discuss or just want to talk to a specialist consultant, please contact us. Alternatively, you can complete our online client form and a member of our team will contact you.