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In Australia, as of September 2019, 20,200 more people were added to the employment market, bringing the total to 12,942,800. Despite talk of a slowing global economy, the employment market has remained robust.

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4 known trends in the employment sector

However, in light of the constant state of technological change, both employees and employers must stay vigilant of emerging trends. We will look at 4 of them here that are taking root in 2019.

1. Industries driving growth

The industries driving growth are Health Care, Professional and Technical Services, Construction, Education, Accommodation and Food Services. This is according to data provided by the Federal Government Department of Jobs and Small Business.

With an ageing population, it is not surprising health care is a major employer. Construction's position on the list can be attributed to major federal government-led infrastructure projects. It’s worth keeping these sectors in mind when planning career moves.

2. Flexible working hours

It has been reported that since 2016, 4 in 5 job posts stated flexible hours of work on LinkedIn. This trend will continue to rise. With 7 in 10 employees experiencing higher productivity and engagement, flexible working hours may cease to be an option but instead become a given. The availability of infrastructures such as co-working spaces and faster internet connections are catalysts to this trend.

3. Impact of AI

AI is changing the meaning of how we work. People and technology collaboration in the workplace it is changing. The skills gap is growing wider as technological breakthroughs far outpace re-skilling and up-skilling of the workforce. To tackle this, employers and employees have to work together much better, and faster. AI isn’t something to be scared of, it will create new opportunities.

4. Soft skills

With technology doing more of the routine work, people can rise to the next level at the workplace. In demand today are skills in human interaction, creative problem solving and self-critique. Cross-functional collaboration in the workplace is increasingly common. The ability to work and solve problems with others is important.

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