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Looking for a new job can be time-consuming, stressful and full of uncertainties, so working with a recruiter in your industry can save you a lot of time and hassle. But…in order to land your next job through a recruiter, you have to stand out. 

Most people see recruiters as a block to getting in front of a hiring manager, however, they are more like enablers than blockers. With access to jobs across their sectors and clients, plus deep industry knowledge, they’re perfectly placed to help connect the rights candidates with the right employers.

How to stand out to a recruiter

Tips to help you stand out on a recruiter 

The most memorable candidates will have a positive attitude, and be confident in their skills and knowledge. To convey these attributes, here are a few tips to help you stand out.

Create a lasting first impression

Meeting a recruiter is just as important as meeting a hiring manager, so approach them with honesty and integrity. Like all interviews, you need to create a lasting impression: dress appropriately, be articulate, understand the role you’re applying for, and be able to convey why you are a good/the right candidate to fill that role.

For more information on creating a first impression, read our blog here.

Be positive

This doesn’t mean sugar-coating everything.  Rather, when you’re discussing your previous experience with your recruiter, focus on what you learned, even if it was challenging. Maintaining and demonstrating a positive growth mindset is a sought after quality. It shows that you’re mentally tough and can deal with hard situations, giving the recruiter confidence you’ll ace an interview.


If you believe in your skills, competence and your ability to learn, you will communicate this subconsciously. Recruiters work with a wide variety of candidates and appreciate the confidence. If you looking at a new industry or a more senior position, you can create this confidence by researching the role you are applying for. If you already have a sound knowledge of the company and its goals and priorities, you can identify which of your skills and experiences will make you a good fit and focus on them in the interview.

And remember, there’s a fine line between confidence and over-confidence, which can turn any interviewer off.  This may make you look arrogant, which isn’t a great candidate trait. If you aren’t sure, practice answering a few basic interview questions on a friend and see what they think.


In addition to confidence and positivity, take accountability. Ask yourself: "Could I have done a better job?", "How did the actions I took affect the outcome?", and of particular importance, "If I could redo this experience, would I change anything about my approach?".  If you’ve done something really well call it out. And if it didn’t go so well, focus on what you did next to turn the situation around. 

Knowing yourself and being able to express who you are to a recruiter will make you memorable, making them feel confident that the roles they put you forward for will enable you to succeed, and be a good cultural fit.

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Are you looking for new opportunities?

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