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CGC Projects in Focus - Challenges for Architects at One Sydney Harbour

Our blog series, CGC Projects in Focus, not only highlights new major projects across New South Wales and Queensland, but also provides relevant information and commentary on current developments.  Just like the architectural challenges at One Sydney Harbour.

Architectural challenges at One Sydney Harbour

One Sydney Harbour is an impressive address and it’s an equally impressive building and construction project. Designed by internationally recognised architect, Renzo Piano, One Sydney Harbour will consist of three high-rise towers destined for luxury residential use. The towers will be an elegant addition to Sydney’s skyline when they’re finally completed in 2020.

One Sydney Harbour has not been without design challenges for the architects. Let’s take a look at just three of them.

1. Don't block the view

Sydney-siders love a water view, so any major development on the Harbour is bound to draw commentary and heavy restrictions.  The design brief for One Sydney Harbour required that the towers not obstruct – as far as possible - the views from surrounding areas. The architects’ solution to this constraint was very practical, simple and elegant, creating slender buildings that are positioned apart from each other so you can see through them.

2. Sparkling, high-performance facades

In its design statement, the architecture practice said: “Our vision is to design three buildings with a gentle presence in the cityscape and in dialogue with the harbour waters”.

How did they achieve this? Calling on specialist skills, they gave the towers a reflecting, crystalline facade. The spin-off for residents is that they’ll be able to enjoy amazing views of Sydney from floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

But the facades will do much more than sparkle and offer an impressive view. They’ll also be high-performance – a special external glazing will ensure performance in terms of energy usage, thermal loads and access to natural light.

3. Sustainable living

From the outset, the architects wanted to achieve a 5-star Green Star Multi Unit Residential Design from the Green Building Council of Australia for the entire complex.

One of the key ways in which the buildings meet this goal is through an expertly engineered connection to the District Cooling Plant and local recycled water plant. This provides energy efficiency savings in relation to cooling within the buildings as well as sustainable use of water.

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Job opportunities at One Sydney Harbour

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