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CGC Projects in Focus - Building connections with Sydney Metro West

CGC's new blog series, CGC Projects in Focus, will provide the latest information and commentary about major projects in the New South Wales and Queensland area. We will be focusing on projects that will be generating new job opportunities and have both a national and state significance. Our focus in this blog post will be on the Sydney Metro West project.

Building connections with Sydney Metro West

The Sydney Metro West project is set to make travelling between Parramatta and Sydney a lot easier by constructing a new underground metro railway. The project aims to double the rail capacity between the two bustling business districts, increasing employment opportunities for both districts. The railway project estimated at $20B will be completed and fully functional by 2024.

Why is the project important?

Sydney Metro West is an important investment for both Parramatta and Sydney. It is estimated that over 300,000 new jobs will be available by 2036 in locations between Greater Parramatta and central Sydney, such as the Sydney Olympic Park and the Parramatta CBD.

The new metro railway will ensure these locations are easily accessible and workers can commute to new job opportunities. Without the new underground the T1 Western Line would become even more overcrowded which may cause serious problems and delays for commuters.

Looking at Sydney Metro West in more detail

Plans for the Sydney Metro West project were heavily influenced by community and industry research, following consultations with industry experts and local residents which began in 2016. In light of these consultations, plans for the Sydney Metro West were extended and the project now includes a new underground station at Westmead, a growing residential area.

The new underground metro railway plans have been refined to make transferring between suburban and metro services effortless, with plans to build a new metro station underneath an existing T1 suburban station.


While the project is expected to be completed by 2024, the NSW Government have the opportunity to extend the Sydney Metro. The extension would serve the Green Square town centre and locations towards the west and beyond Westmead by extending the Metro line via Zetland to the south-east.

With over $5.8 billion invested into the project and the opportunity for the project to be extended, the Sydney Metro West is set to create multiple construction and engineering job opportunities.

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Job opportunities in Sydney Metro West

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