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With its warm climate, housing affordability, and laid back lifestyle, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an influx of domestic migration to the Sunshine State. 

Experts anticipate that almost 55,000 additional people could decide to migrate to Queensland in 2022, creating a knock-on effect on the property market, as well as the state’s infrastructure, healthcare system, and economy.

To meet the demands of the growing Brisbane population, we predict 2022 to be the year for infrastructure planning for projects such as hospitals, amenities, and roads. The great news for jobseekers is that these projects will continue the trend of requiring skilled professionals to fulfill these plans.   

That’s why CGC Recruitment is remaining optimistic and confident that work opportunities in 2022 and beyond will be plentiful and unwavering.  


Why are people moving to Queensland?

With Sydney and Melbourne residents experiencing a tough 2021 with lengthy lockdowns, Queensland’s avoidance of mass Covid outbreaks made it an attractive living alternative.  

While Brisbane’s affordability has always been favourable compared to Sydney and Melbourne, the growing local opportunities has become a key highlight as well.

Jobseekers are now relocating to Brisbane with confidence that the project pipeline will provide plenty of work for the next 5 to 6 years and beyond. In particular, we’ve seen construction and engineering professionals migrating to Queensland for opportunities.

When compared with the two leading capitals in Australia, Queensland has a number of draw cards that make it much more enticing for individuals and families to reside in.  

Substantial developments in the CBD including high rise projects, the increased modernisation of the city, and diverse employment sectors mean Brisbane has something for all skills and specialties. 


The Brisbane Olympic Games infrastructure plan

Queensland’s new infrastructure pipeline includes over 80 projects to meet the needs of the growing region. Road, water, and rail projects are expected to ramp up in 2022, but the most talked about project is, of course, the Olympic Games.

While the games are still a decade away, developments, planning and infrastructure projects are being discussed. The sporting venues will be a mix of new and old, with the world’s largest sporting event being hailed as a sustainable and cost-effective event that will leave a meaningful legacy for the growing region.

The 2032 Olympic infrastructure plan includes:

  • 3 main hubs in the state's south-east corner, which will host 28 sports split across them
  • 21 venues in Brisbane, 7 on the Gold Coast and 4 on the Sunshine Coast
  • The Gabba will host the athletics and the opening and closing ceremonies, receiving a 1 billion dollar redevelopment

Queensland’s tourism sector will benefit the most, having been significantly impacted by the pandemic due to international border closures and restrictions.  A considerable amount of up to 130,000 direct jobs is anticipated to be created.


What does the candidate market look like in 2022?

Competition for talent remains fierce. CGC Recruitment has been instrumental in aligning our candidates with the right opportunities and the right companies. Being well-placed with our solid networks means we’re able to fulfill demands with candidates that fit the criteria from a specialised perspective.

We’re hopeful that overseas migration will relieve the pressure from local and FIFO projects. There are also opportunities for a diverse range of skills from labour jobs to skilled professionals, which will hopefully plug the gaps for the existing and upcoming works. However, there is uncertainty in terms of how Queensland will manage future Covid outbreaks. Will Queensland keep their borders shut? And what will happen to migration from overseas?  

With Queensland’s construction pipeline reaching $62 billion over the next 5 years, we’ll see significant growth in rail, road transport, and energy.  Positively, local candidates will benefit from the abundant opportunities, scope of work, and increased salaries.



It’s an exciting time for Brisbane, which is now recognised as one of the most liveable cities in Australia. Embracing a more affordable lifestyle and warmer weather, thousands have flocked to the sunny state, hopeful for greater work opportunities and stability in an uncertain world.

Favourably, significant investment in construction and engineering will pave the way for substantial employment opportunities for local residents in the coming years.

We anticipate an uplift in the once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure pipeline of the Olympics in 2024 onwards. The resulting assets will economically benefit Queenslanders far beyond the key sporting event.


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