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Government roles are widespread in Australia - offering a unique path for many. These large organisations understand the value of their employees and devote considerable resources to creating an environment that supports their unique talents.  

So it’s no surprise that working for the government is heavily sought after for many job seekers who are keen for a change from the private sector.  

To assist organisations and job seekers with the recruitment process, we’ve put together the top trends for government roles.


A guide to hiring success

We’re currently seeing many government agencies miss out on talent amidst one of the most difficult hiring markets of all time. Candidates are often receiving multiple job offers, putting them in a dominant position. They’re commanding competitive salaries, flexible working conditions, and career progression plans. If a client can’t offer what a candidate is looking for, they’ll ultimately lose them to a competitor.

Here are our top tips to help you secure the best talent for your organisation:

  1. Act fast - Securing quality candidates for government roles, like call centre operators and project managers, is proving to be difficult due to the competitive landscape. There are many cases where clients have missed out on top candidates as they’re too slow in providing feedback. Therefore, it’s crucial to act quickly during the recruitment process. Setting clear expectations around hiring timelines will also help candidates maintain interest during the process.

  2. Talk about the culture - Company culture is the forefront of driving employee engagement and boosting retention rates. During the interview process, be transparent about the company’s values and mission, as well as what the work environment looks like.

  3. Be competitive with compensation - It’s important to communicate to candidates that pay scales are reviewed regularly to remain competitive and equitable. While government roles tend to pay very well (particularly their day rates), mention other benefits, opportunities for development, and rewards to appear desirable to candidates.

  4. Be clear on the job description - A clear job description is a great starting point for attracting top tier talent, as well as identifying what you really want from a candidate. Our consultants at CGC Recruitment will support you by creating job descriptions that offer useful and specific details about the role, feature straightforward job titles, and include clear and inclusive language.
  5. Build and maintain strong relationships with the right recruiters - The right recruiter will not only provide you high quality talent - they’ll also understand your organisation’s needs.  Having access to this information provides enormous value by ensuring the right placement is made.

If you’re an employer in the public sector, incorporating the above strategies will provide you with a key differentiator in this tight talent market.


How to succeed as a candidate in the public sector 

To prepare effectively for a public sector role, there are some key elements which should be considered:

  1. Be open to contract roles - Our experience at CGC Recruitment has shown that while some contract government roles start at 3 months, they’re often extended to an average of 12 months. So while you may be looking for a longer term role, be open to shorter term contract opportunities. Chances are, it will turn into a longer term commitment.  

  2. Seek opportunities to move within departments - Moving into a new role within the organisation is highly beneficial for your overall career development.  You can obtain a diversified skill set, a higher pay bracket, and get the opportunity to work and collaborate with different people.

  3. See the public sector as a stepping stone for your career - Working for the largest employer in Australia opens up unparalleled opportunities for mobility and experience.Government roles enable opportunities to move within your agency through transfers, reassignments and secondments, allowing you to expand your skill set and experiences. Ongoing learning and development is also encouraged, offering options to shape your career. So even if you can’t find the perfect government job right now, be open to the opportunities that may springboard from experience in your first role.

Whether you require hiring support for your government agency, you’re a skilled public sector job seeker, or a professional seeking a change, please get in touch via the contact details below.


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