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In this blog we share our insights on the process of getting a position with the NSW Government through CGC Recruitment on a contract basis.

CGC are supplier to the NSW government under SCM0007 panel. We currently have over 60 contractors engaged on a temporary basis. The processes for getting a contract job in government differs to the private sector. In this blog we share some of the processes and procedures which CGC follows in order to secure candidates roles in the NSW government.

CGC are released roles by a central team of recruiters who sit within government departments. The recruiters brief our consultants on the requirements of the role, job description, rates of pay, duration of contract and team make up.

From this brief we can advertise roles and approach candidates directly within our network (database).

We shortlist interested and suitable candidates against the job brief and present these resumes to the central recruitment team.

What are government clients looking for?

Each job differs based on requirements and locations. But government agencies are particularly interested in candidates who can evidence strong values, ethics and a commitment to working and delivering the role to the contract length.

How do we assess this?

Candidate resume is the first step – ensure your CV is up to date and consistent in terms of formatting and your previous experience. Some government departments request CV’s in a specific format so be prepared to make some edits.

CGC also ask candidates to undertake a key skills assessment which involves a typing test and some further questions so we can understand more about your motivations, aspirations, and interests.


Government interviews are rigid and formal, be prepared to be asked scripted questions. This process ensures probity and that all candidates have equal opportunities to secure the role. For high volume roles some government agencies conduct assessment centres. CGC consultants ensure all candidates are fully prepared prior to interview.


CGC will conduct references with previous / current employers prior to an offer being released. It is a good idea, where possible, to inform your referees that this will be required. This ensures that the process is as smooth as possible and doesn’t create any delays.

Offer and appointment

If successful you can expect to receive an email confirmation with details of the role, rate, contract duration and start date. In addition, CGC will manage your onboarding to ensure that you have all the necessary information to ensure payroll and WH&S is completed so you are ready to start.


CGC have 4 forms which we request you complete prior to your commencement; these forms are all available electronically and can be sent to you via email.

Dependent upon the department, certain agencies require additional checks such as Working with Children, Police, fit to work checks. Your CGC consultant will ensure you have adequate information to complete these checks at no cost to you.

Turnaround time

This can vary dependent upon the requirement and agency timeframes. Typically, a fast process will last 1 week whilst a slower turnaround process will take 4 weeks from start to finish.

Access to jobs

The number of roles can vary from week to week as government agencies experience peak workloads and project-based support. Initial contract roles last between 3 and 6 months with possibilities for extension based on requirements. CGC will keep you posted with our active jobs and continue to share insights on government roles.

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