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As part of our series of features on major infrastructure projects which are changing the face of Queensland and NSW, this week we take a look at the regeneration of Salisbury, a precinct located a few km to the South of Brisbane.

With a fascinating history and a changing economy over the years, Salisbury is a prime location to benefit from redevelopment. A traditional industrial zone, the decline in manufacturing over the years has been mirrored by the decline in Salisbury's fortunes - a situation which The Suburban Alliance is keen to reverse.

Salisbury Urban Renewal Project Perspective

What are the plans for Salisbury?

A collaboration between urban designers and urban planners, the recently completed "Salisbury Reloaded and Reimagined" document contains a potential blueprint for the future of the area. Partners with an interest in redeveloping the Salisbury area were brought together by Steve de Nys, a director at The Suburban Alliance. He can see the potential which Salisbury has, particularly given its location between two major roads (resulting in excellent connections), Griffith University and the Toohey Forest.

Flexible land use and strengthening the economy

One of the forces driving the concept of redeveloping the area is the need to boost the local economy and create additional jobs for people living in Salisbury and the surrounding area. The vision for Salisbury includes revisiting its industrial heritage, reversing the current decline and transforming the area into a hub for innovation and advanced industrial technology. During the height of its productivity, Salisbury had employment for around 3000 people. Today, that figure is slightly over 1000.

Potential jobs in construction and manufacturing

Once the project moves forward towards the development phase, there are likely to be a significant number of construction jobs created, at least in the short-term. Once fresh, innovative, hi-tech industries relocate into the area, there is potential for a significant number of high-quality employment openings to be generated. This is particularly welcome, given that developments which focus more on leisure and retail don't create many skilled positions.

The vision for Salisbury is the first step towards realising an ambitious project which could transform the fortunes of this area.

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