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Welcome to the November edition of our monthly newsletter.

The market here in NSW is starting to take shape with the construction of the Lightrail commencing earlier this month and NorthConnex soon to follow.

Our market insight comes from Steve Morris who is focusing on the consultancy sector here in NSW and we’ll hear from Nick Curtis on all things social.

Industry Insight with Steve Morris, Principal Consultant

As we head towards Christmas there can sometimes be the impression that the industry starts to slow down and that companies tend to hold-fire on appointing permanent and contract staff.  This might have happened in the past but certainly over the last two years this has not been the case.  Across the business we are finding that the momentum to increase head-count, be it with strategic long-term permanent hires or with the addition of resources in the form of contractors, is maintaining momentum right up until Christmas.

With many large road and highway infrastructure projects already underway, see James Grantham’s industry insight here alongside major rail projects such as the North West Rail Link (NWRL) and Sydney Light Rail to name but two, there has been further good news for the industry.  The green light being given to the Sydney Metro Extension with work commencing in 2018 .  The continued investment in this area, as well as the buoyancy of the land and urban development markets mixed with strong growth and confidence in the building structures sector has created an environment where drafters, designers and engineers with specialist skills are in demand.

Working as a Contractor

Quite often figures are issued for the strength of the market based on permanent hires.  However, with this increased flow of work and associated demand for staff comes an increase in the opportunities for candidates to explore the option of working as a contractor.  Typically major projects, as well as smaller consultancies experiencing a high volume of work, look to utilise the contractor market in order to deliver projects that require a higher volume of resources than a consultancy could ordinarily carry.  With confidence in the market being high, the number of candidates choosing to leave permanent roles and enter the contracting field is increasing.

Why Work as a Contractor?

There are a number of reasons as to why you would choose to work as a contractor.  The most significant is the increased earning potential it offers.  As a contractor you typically command a higher salary – paid in the form of an hourly rate.  As a contractor, not only are you earning more than if you were on the permanent payroll, but you also get paid for every hour that you work.  During periods of peak workflow you will often find yourself putting in extra hours simply to get the project ‘out the door’.  Imagine if you had been paid for all of these extra hours that you worked – at an increased rate?!

Another main benefit is the flexibility that working as a contractor can offer – you’re not limited to a set number of leave days per year so you can take extended breaks between projects to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Finally, by moving around following projects you will always have the opportunity to work on the best projects for you – that will not only keep you interested but projects that will look great on your resume for the rest of your career.  I see a lot of people whose career has been kicked onto the next level because of projects they have worked on whilst contracting.

What’s in demand?

As mentioned, I am seeing a major increase in demand for all sectors within the consulting industry.  I am keen to speak with all levels of drafters, designers and engineers from all areas of the industry.

What to do next?

If you’re currently operating as a contractor, or would like a confidential discussion as to what this involves, then please contact me on 0406 707275 or email me at .  I’d love to hear from you!

November social – Nick Curtis, Director

It’s been another busy month at CGC HQ both on and off the track.

Rory and Nick attended the 50 Shades of Perway convention at the end of October. Despite the dubious name, the Annual Permanent Way Institution conference was a cracking event and brought together some of the leading lights of the rail industry. The post conference drinks and roving canapes were well received and the harbour setting at Luna Park provided the perfect backdrop to catch up with some old industry contacts.

Continuing the theme, the CGC contingent were track side at the Bucket List, Randwick for Melbourne Cup and despite the rain, the team adapted well to the conditions. The big winners of the day were Dave Thompson and James Loomes who managed to claw back some early losses on the last race whilst Evan took out the sweepstake with his only bet of the day! Off the field the fashion stakes were high but Rory’s flat cap and Glynis’s (CGC) purple dress were widely regarded as the standout pieces.

Finally, Steve rounded off the month with exciting news of his engagement to the lovely Hannah Robinson. Steve put all of the lessons learnt from his Bachelor viewing to good work in an elaborate proposal containing horse riding, picnics and a specially crafted diamond. Congrats guys!

See you again next month.