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Welcome to the second CGC newsletter of 2015.

Local conditions in the Sydney market remain positive with the momentum from 2014 continuing in both the building construction and infrastructure markets. With a long list of major projects on the horizon, demand for skilled professionals looks set to continue.

In this month’s newsletter we hear from Azri Azlan, specialist HSEQ consultant, the latest goings on at CGC HQ and finally Steve Morris blogs on how to select the most suitable recruiter for your specialist skills. 

HSEQ update with Azri Azlan, Consultant

The demand for HSEQ professionals has been rising steadily over the past 3 months in NSW as projects move in to planning phases and construction commences. This is a trend which we expect to continue as several major infrastructure projects come online to support the already busy building sector in 2015.

After the downturn in the resources sector there were a number of HSEQ professionals who were available for work, however with significant investment on the horizon, we anticipate many of these individuals to look to NSW for their next opportunity.

We are currently seeing a significant demand for Environmental professionals with a consulting background as planning commences on major road and rail schemes. Safety Managers with solid building and infrastructure backgrounds are also high on the list of our clients’ recruitment plans.

For further information on upcoming projects and opportunities please contact me on 0470 215 799 or

Life at CGC

After all of the festivities and socialising that Christmas and the summer weather brings, here at CGC HQ the team have been not only working hard in the office but also to get ‘back on the wagon’ and CGC Wellbeing has been in full swing. The weekly bootcamps at Actual Fitness have been backed up by some extra training during lunch hours. Billy and James L have started their training programs for the Sydney Half-Marathon in May and Rory continues to put James G and Dave T through their paces with his weekly boxing class.

With some exciting events in the calendar and a new starter to announce next month the March newsletter is sure to be action packed.

For further information on opportunities at CGC please contact Nick Curtis on 0410193446 or email

Going to a Recruiter, like going to a Dentist… Steve Morris, Senior Consultant blogs how to select the right recruiter for you.

A strange comparison you might think, but hear me out. Let’s face it, going to a recruiter is not something that everyone enjoys but can be a necessary means to an end. Likewise, I don’t know many people who actually enjoy going to the dentist, but it sometimes becomes a necessity too. You wouldn’t let just any old dentist have a go at trying to solve your problem and neither should you have that attitude with your job search.

You spend the majority of your waking hours at work so you want to put the task of finding your dream role in the hands of the person who is most qualified to get you the best results as painlessly as possible.

As the market intensifies there are a growing number of recruiters who operate within your chosen field and they all claim that they are in the best position to find you your dream role. So how do you find the person best qualified to help you?

Let’s take my area of expertise as an example…engineering.

When I started out in the Australian market 2 years ago the conditions were tough and recruiters were slowly dropping out of the market. Fast-forward to today and I am constantly seeing my connections link in with recruiter after recruiter, many of which are new to me. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and that’s the way recruitment works; the busier the market, the more recruiters you will find trying to get their piece. So as someone who is looking to find not just a new role, but their dream job, who should you turn to to make this happen?

This can often seem daunting, but there are some simple things that you can do and ask to reassure yourself that you are speaking to the right person. This is by no means a comprehensive check-list, as ultimately you will need to have that connection with your recruiter where you are honest with each other and feel that you can put your trust in them, but it’s a good place to start.


As with a dentist, the best place to start is by speaking to your friends and colleagues within the industry (those you trust to tell that you are looking for a new role!) and asking if they have anyone they would recommend – if they received a good service it is likely that you will too.

Market Knowledge

Are they knowledgeable about the industry they recruit into? Can they talk about your sector with confidence and in detail? Can they name projects, clients that are busy and market trends? Can they tell you how in demand your skills are? Can they tell you what you are worth without you telling them what you are currently on? Is they can do these things then you’re on the right track.


Are they easy to talk to? Can you easily build a rapport with them? If so, they are probably going to be equally comfortable selling you into their clients, which is what it is ultimately all about!


By referring to adverts, I don’t just mean the one that you’ve seen. Take the time to have a look at other adverts that they have running. Are they well written and individual to specific roles or do they sound like they’re just fishing for good people? Does the advert sound like they really know the company? If so, they have taken the time to get a full brief from the client and can talk confidently about why you would want to work for them, but more importantly why they would want you to work for them.


A good recruiter won’t be afraid to tell you the clients that they are dealing with. They should be able to gain your trust from the conversation they are having with you and give you confidence that they are best placed to get you an opening within a company that you would not be able to get yourself.

You might take some time in finding the right recruiter, or you might find one that you trust straight away. However, if you qualify them correctly like you would a good dentist, you won’t be in pain at the end of your process!