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Welcome to the March edition of CGC Newsletter 2019. With the year kicking into gear, plenty of opportunities are being swept up across the board, however it has been an unusual period in the market at the moment with the looming elections. 

With the implementation of new and revised targets it will be full steam ahead to the Noosa incentive for all our successful consultants.  In this issue John Ainge will provide a deeper insight on the Building industry and William Gardner will be sure to provide a social insight in the CGC world. Look out for our next month’s issue for an update on end of quarter bants and industry updates.

In the meantime, we’ve launched a new website blog, CGC Projects in Focus. The idea being to give you our expert opinion on projects around Australia. Keep an eye on our website for regular updates or you can check out our first publication here.

Building Industry Update with John Ainge

March has been a strange month within the building market with a lot of clients stating they are rich with projects but have put them on hold or delayed their start (a caretaker period if you will). The main reason that has been given for this delay on projects was the elections that have just taken place. With the Liberal government just managing to maintain a majority and Gladys Berejiklian becoming the first lady to be elected into the Premier position, the future is looking bright for the construction market ! What does that mean for us ? There are several key areas which will be affected by this election. The first being the Stadiums. This was a key cornerstone of the Liberals promise with them proposing to demolish and then replace the Sydney Football Stadium with a new 45,0000 stadium and carry out a substantial refurbishment of the Stadium at Olympic Park for a total estimated cost of $2 Billion.

Australian premier minister speech

The second being the highly contested sectors of Health and Education. Despite Labour pushing these as potential issues for the Coalition, the Coalition has still pledged about 40 per cent of its $28 billion campaign war chest on Health and Education. With 2/3 of this budget to be spent on major projects including $1.3 billion on the redevelopment of Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital,  $750m on the upgrade of the RPA hospital and $619m upgrade to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead .

Now with the Liberal government again secured in power, we envision companies to have a big push on construction projects with the rest of the year looking positive

If you want a more comprehensive outlook on the building market or would like to discuss anything in particular please feel free to give me a call on 0400 516 014 or email

CGC Social

As I am writing this I can’t believe how quickly this financial year is going, it’s the end of Q3 already!

CGC Recruitment office play

Socially in Brisbane (tumbleweed) nothing to note has really gone on up there (except the Brisbane/Sydney rivalry is still going strong!), so I thought I would insert a picture of Jim’s visit to the Brisbane office (Cheers Morgy).

Down in Sydney we have had 4 birthdays so Happy Birthday to Mapey, Hopey, Georgie and Inga.

Now to work anniversaries; a double bubble for David Hope as he turned 7 at CGC. As one of the founding fathers of CGC to honour him his face has been sculpted into the cliffs of Vaucluse in Sydney Harbour (see pic).

Mikaila and Allyssar turned 1 and Carmel celebrated 3 years at CGC. For the last three years Carmel has been with the business she has built a strong reputation for herself and CGC in the building market, she is also influential in the WIDAC movement.

It is also a pleasure to say that Dan and Jamie are expecting littles ones with their respective partners Katie and Lisa, we all at CGC are over the moon for them and looking forward to meeting the new members of the CGC family.

Oliver has had a nautical experience this month helping with the PIF Regatta event. He personally raised nearly $5k for charity selling raffle tickeComicts so fair play mate. Rumour has it he is hitting up Tony Mowbray for a trans-Atlantic sailing trip…….Watch this space. 

Comical play of the statuse

This month for our office wellbeing we have been trialling a few new boot camps. These have been well received by all who have pushed their fitness to new levels, however Martin has been a bit suspect counting his set reps so has been enrolled into an online maths class.

For our end of quarter celebrations we will be barefoot bowling and kicking on in Bondi, which will be a great way to unwind and reflect on another past quarter.