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With an ever-increasing demand in the construction and engineering sector, it made sense for CGC Recruitment to expand our operations to serve our clients nationally.  

Having had a strong presence across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, there was a need and opportunity to extend our network’s contacts to the remaining states - starting with Western Australia. 

The WA Government’s pipeline of almost $29 billion in infrastructure works is set to deliver economic stimulus projects in a sustainable way and maximise employment opportunitiesin the next 4 years.  With this significant monetary investment in the infrastructure sector - and CGC’s proven track record in the industry - the alignment was clear. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce we now have a specialist team in Perth, Western Australia.  This next stage of business growth means we can extend our professional service to clients and candidates, as well as add value to the Western Australia region.  



How CGC Recruitment’s business model can help Western Australia

An important element of CGC’s value proposition is the commitment to foster long term relationships, which aligns very well within the Western Australian market.  Our success has been driven by our business model of personal relationship building, rather than the ‘transactional’ approach adopted by others.    

So what makes us stand out from our competitors? And how does this help serve clients in the Perth market? 

Let’s look at 2 key ways:

             1. Industry expertise

Industry knowledge is key to finding the right talent fast.  As a medium-sized specialist recruitment business, CGC has access to industry insights, networks, and contacts scaling on a national level. Having established a leading position in the eastern states for over 11 years - and cultivated strong relationships in our specialised industry - we’ve assisted our clients and candidates in many different ways.  For example, CGC has helped numerous candidates relocate interstate to fulfill our clients’ needs and demands. This national access to information means we can tap into resources quicker to find the right candidates.


2. Specialist recruitment teams 

Our CGC Recruitment team spans over several speciality disciplines, each with their own expert teams. Our consultants can deep dive into talent without being spread too thinly across multiple sectors. More importantly, our specialist recruitment consultants know what skills are in demand for a specific area of expertise. They also know what candidates are looking for in an employer, as well as what market salary rates are - and can therefore advise accordingly.  


The current challenges in Western Australia

Like the other states, Perth is experiencing challenges around candidate shortages and retention issues.  However, unique key challenges have emerged for the WA region.

Typically, the driving force behind high demand market sectors is dependent on where the government stimulus is being placed. However, as we’re encountering unprecedented demand in several sectors concurrently (like residential housing, commercial building, civil and infrastructure, mining and resources etc), this has consequently created a strain on resources in Western Australia. Key factors influencing the skills shortage include external competition from eastern states and internal competition between the local projects.

As the world's largest supplier of iron ore, the mining and resources sector is currently producing at record levels. However, the opportunities and the community benefits it creates won’t come to fruition unless we have the workforce. Interstate workers, who might have moved to WA in previous growth periods, now have strong job opportunities at home.

To combat this challenge, CGC Recruitment has supported our clients in WA by identifying skill sets within our niche markets - and deploying our national resources to fill in the labour gaps.



With a strong focus on partnering and taking a targeted, specialist approach, CGC Recruitment has proudly extended their expertise to Western Australia. Our successful establishment in Perth stems from building long term strong client relationships, rather than just being a transactional vendor.  

As a leading specialist recruitment partner, we can leverage our market and industry knowledge to find suitable candidates faster than any generalist agency.  Our deep sector knowledge and wide network contacts has allowed us to share and access national talent pools to support the rapidly growing infrastructure projects in the Perth region.  This has helped overcome the skills shortage required to ensure a strong recovery of both the Western Australia and Australian economies from the impacts of Covid-19. 


About CGC Recruitment

CGC Recruitment is a specialist construction, infrastructure, engineering, and architecture recruitment consultancy. We view our clients as our partners and work closely with them to meet their business needs. We work with some of Australia’s largest construction brands through to specialist SMEs and boutique consultants. We have proven experience delivering permanent, contract and retained recruitment solutions, consistently providing the right candidates for the right roles at the right time.

If you have an active role you’d like to discuss or just want to talk to a specialist consultant, please contact us. Alternatively, you can complete our online client form and a member of our team will contact you.