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It's common knowledge that a large number of jobs are never advertised. So how do you let people know that you are the right person for a job that they are only just thinking about recruiting? 

The answer is by having a smart social media presence. After all, recruitment agencies and consultants regularly check the social profiles of potential candidates.

Tips to land a job through social media

Here are some tips to make sure your social media profiles work for you.

Landing a new job through social media

Be an expert

One of the easiest ways to get job offers flowing to the inbox is to become known as an expert in your field. Sure…it’s not as easy as that but you can get noticed as a subject matter expert if you’re focusing on the right things.  So, don't just post your ideas on the latest in popular culture or sports, take some time to write thoughtful posts showing your insight on the areas that impact your industry/profession. 

You can also repost from other thought leaders in your field, but make a point to add some of your own insights so that people can see what you think about important issues. If you do this enough, you may catch the eye of some of the influential people in your field.

Reach out and connect 

When you come across the social profiles of people in your industry be sure to reach out and connect with them, let them know that you admire their/their company’s work. This can help you to broaden your network and if done with enough care can also help to introduce you to new people in your industry and expand your own network.

Take the time to also follow them and check out their profile. On LinkedIn, for example, they’ll be notified that you looked at their profile and may, in turn, look at yours.

Tweak your profile

If you’re looking for work and are using social media channels, your profiles need to look professional. The photo, the titles, the banner image, the bio, contact info, etc all need to be top quality. 

If you’re not sure where to start, look at some influencers in your sectors.  How are they presenting themselves? Is there any common language or terms? What groups do they belong to? Etc.

Join relevant groups

Social media channels are BIG! This can make seeing people regularly difficult but, by joining groups, people in those groups are more likely to see you.  Do your research and find out what groups your peers, industry leaders, recruiters, etc are part of and join.

By joining groups and following the rest of these points, relevant people are likely to see you more often.

Ask for work

If you are just starting out or looking to freelance/temp, it can also be a great idea to send some posts out letting people know of your availability. This is a great way to trigger interest from people within your social circle who may just be starting to explore ways to fulfill some of the skill gaps in their organisation. And remember to follow recruitment agencies on social media, too.

Give it time

It might be a cliché but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Dedicate some time each day to chip away at this. And of course, always be on the lookout, as a passive strategy is great if you’re already in work.  But if you need a job quickly you’ll need to be more assertive. 

Social media is no longer just a way to keep in contact with old friends. It is an important part of building your personal and professional brand and helping you land your next job, so get posting and make sure you’re presenting yourself the right way!

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