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Whether you are starting your first job in construction, engineering and architecture, or you are moving to a new workplace, site or team, it is crucial that you arrive fully prepared for the day ahead.

Taking the time to prepare before the big day will help to ensure that everything runs smoothly once you arrive. You will find it easier to settle in, you will pick up the requirements of the role more quickly, and you will get far more enjoyment from the position.

Engineer builder at construction site


Quick tips to prepare on your first day

Even if you are a seasoned professional in engineering or building trade, working with a new company on a fresh site can bring some adjustments. Each team has its own way of working, its own safety procedures, and its own set of machines and other equipment. You need to know the rules and stick to them closely.

Make sure you read through your employee handbook and your contract before your first day. These will outline exactly what is expected of you - including how to stay safe on the worksite. It won't hurt to remind yourself of standard health and safety guidelines, either.

Asking questions

If you want to be the best you can be, you need to make sure you are well informed. Asking questions is a great way to gather knowledge about your new role, and to understand exactly what you should be doing. It also shows that you have a keen interest in the job. Prepare some questions ahead of time, but speak up on the day if something isn't clear to you.

Arrive early and dress right

A good employee will arrive at the site on time - or better yet, 15 minutes early. You will also come with everything the workday requires. Keep a pencil and a notepad in your pocket - for taking notes and measuring. Bring lunch and refreshments, too. You could have a long day ahead!

Depending on your role, your employer may well provide PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as hard hats and high visibility jackets. A good, strong pair of safety boots is essential as is the correct site induction card. Make sure you know exactly what you need to bring to get on to the site on your first day.  Showing up fully prepared for the tasks ahead will make a great impression on your new employer, and keep you safe as you undertake your new role.

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