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This month’s newsletter we’ll hear from Azri who will give us a run down of the Civil and Structural market and Evan who will give us a full run down of “CGC Social”.

As a brief overview the office is extremely busy with a great buzz and enthusiasm which is down to a great team ethos, work ethic and a buoyant market. We are continuing to expand and have a few new consultants joining the CGC family which you’ll see in the coming months. These are strategic hires which will allow us to further service our client requirements which will help deliver the mountains of work in design and on the ground, across the east coast.

Civil & Structural Design Update with Azri Azlan

Experienced Civil & Structural Design Engineers are in short supply and high demand throughout NSW. The market is extremely buoyant with no signs of slowing down. Both land development and transport infrastructure sectors are crying out for good engineers in the 5-15 year experience range. With the influx of work, more companies are conscious about their culture and staff retention strategies. As such, we are seeing an increasing number of firms taking steps such as embracing more flexibility around working hours, offering very generous salary packages and some are even looking at opening new offices (whether it’s in the CBD or in growth areas like Parramatta or North-western Sydney) to meet the changing needs of quality candidates. With the market outlook looking positive for at least the next 5 years, now is a good time to take a step back to evaluate your career as a whole to see if you are on track to achieving your medium and long term goals. It is a great time to leverage the demand for good engineers, designers and drafters.

Here are just a few key roles we are currently recruiting:
Senior Civil Engineer/Team Leader 
Principal Structural Engineer (Civil Structures)
Senior Structural Engineer
Project Manager

If you are looking for a new opportunity or need help finding the right person for your business, please contact Azri Azlan on 0407 215 799 or email

CGC Social

On the social side this month, a big shout out to CGC Brisbane who completed (well most of the team made it) the Oxfam Trail Walker 55km challenge and raised $1980 to help the less fortunate.

With minimal training, a bag of sweets and a cheese sandwich for sustenance, we happily set off not realising the gravity of the situation we put ourselves in until one of the team, (David Hope) uttered the words “I think I’m going to cry” with 10km’s still to go.

CGC Recruitment consultant on marathon league

However, we knuckled down and staggered over the line in 20th place out of 104, so as we hobble around the office today we look forward to hearing how the Sydney office go on their 50km version in August. Good luck lads, you will need it!

CGC Recruitment consultants OXFAM trailwalker event

Also this month we have a few shout outs. Firstly the captain of the Sydney ship, Glynis Macdonald had a birthday, many happy returns. Glynis also took part in a good cause for the Act for Peace Charity. The Ration Challenge saw her eating like a Syrian refugee for a week. This diet consisted of rice, lentils & kidney beans – for every meal – in minimal portions. No sugar, no alcohol, no extras. It looked like hard work but she did it and raised $700 for food & medical supplies for the refugees in Syria. Well done Glynis.

Also, Jamie Ryde and Hollie Burt celebrate their CGC one year anniversary this month (feels like much longer) congrats to you both.

A final shout out this month on the return of the young Welsh scallywag Nic Maplestone, who returns from a brief hiatus from CGC as we welcome him back with open arms.

Image of a boy taking picture with an alligator statue