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Operations management can be relatively straightforward in a small company; but, things will be a lot different if you’re managing a much bigger one. It gets more complicated when you need everything to be as efficient as possible.

More so, if you’re the head of a construction company, where there will be a lot of critical areas requiring your focus. There are many strategies for development and alignment to keep the company running and operational to ensure productivity and profitability but one of the biggest challenges causing employers to lose sleep is related to talent acquisition.

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Benefits that employers get when partnering with recruiters

Talent acquisition is a process of finding the right people for the job. It can sound easy but in the case of some of the largest construction companies in Australia, there’s a problem of finding good candidates with the right skills to hire. Which, according to our latest recruitment report, one of the reasons for this shortage is the huge gap in the skills required to deliver certain projects.

Here at CGC Recruitment, we understand which aspect of the recruitment process employers needs the most support with. We are aware that in today’s competitive and candidate-driven job market, finding the right candidates shouldn’t be time-consuming or frustrating. We can help with that. 

Hire Highly Qualified Talent

Australia’s construction industry is growing leading to higher recruitment demands from employers. This can lead to skills shortages, particularly when a company is striving to complete a project on time without the right team or key personnel. A rush to fill roles with individuals without the right fit can delay or jeopardise infrastructure delivery.

When partnering with a specialist infrastructure and construction recruitment agency like CGC, we can utilise our experience, extensive candidate database, networks and industry contacts to help you stay ahead of the recruitment curve, getting the right talent in place when you need them.  

Offer Replacement Candidates

When it comes to new hire retention, recruitment agencies usually guarantee to find a new replacement with the same set of skills. For most construction companies, hiring or replacing new employees can be time-consuming due to skills shortage. It is also costly, requiring skills training to ensure these candidates can do the job effectively. Finding out too late that a new hire isn’t suitable for the role impacts on productivity and can even hinder the project’s progress.   

A reliable, experienced recruiter can help employers minimise the risk in finding and replacing staff, letting you concentrate on delivering the project.

Keep Your Company's Professional Appearance

Some companies may lack the expertise and resources in finding and interviewing the best candidates. This can leave a candidate with a poor experience. That is why recruitment agencies are here to help, making sure that the hiring process is done effectively and efficiently.  By giving the recruitment process to experts, it creates a positive first impression of your company and can help you successfully hire top-quality candidates.

Keep Candidates in the Loop

In this industry, there can be many reasons why a role is filled or changed or delayed. It’s very important to keep your candidates in the loop throughout the recruitment process. That way, the candidate is fully aware of the progress and has a positive experience of your company – particularly in a candidate tight market. if you are partnering with the right recruitment agency they can manage this process for you.

Partner with CGC Recruitment Today

Recruitment can be complex and time-consuming. At CGC, we have the experience, a team of highly skilled consultants, an extensive candidate database and the industry connections and networks to help manage your recruitment; whether that’s permanent roles or temp project-based. 

If you need help with those difficult to fill roles, give CGC Recruitment a call today.


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