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Welcome to the May edition of CGC Recruitment’s monthly newsletter.

The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) commissioned research (by BIS Shrapnel) in March which showed that the NSW civil infrastructure market is tipped to grow by 50% over the next four years, and hold steady at that level for the following six years. That’s very, very exciting news and augers well for the industry.

This month we hear from David Hope, Associate Director and consultant for permanent roles within the Building sector, as well as a round-up of goings on within CGC HQ. We’re also celebrating new and old faces here in the office.

David Hope, Associate Director, Building

We are nearly half way through 2015 and the NSW building industry is currently in very good shape which is mainly due to the amount of residential high rises being built. The commercial market also appears to be improving and the majority of builders in NSW have a full order book.

Our current client base in the building sector is with a variety of different contractors and although residential is the dominant market and has been for the past 2 years, our clients in the fit out and refurbishment sector are also seeing a significant increase in their workload.

Feedback coming from the industry is extremely positive with the builder/developers we’re speaking with suggesting that it will only get busier – they are already planning their projects for 2016!
Another positive aspect is that market salaries appear to be increasing across the board for the first time in five years.

CGC Recruitment currently has multiple vacancies for Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Site Managers, Foreman, Project Engineers and Estimators. If you’re experienced, or know anyone who is looking for these jobs, please contact David Hope on ph. 0406 665 799.

CGC New Addition

We have a new staff member! Trevor Brown, Senior Consultant MEP, started with us 3 weeks ago and in true CGC form, he’s hit the ground running by placing a senior candidate with one of our Air Conditioning clients.

Trevor has found Service and Maintenance to be a busy and buoyant sector because after construction, buildings and facilities always need to be maintained, upgraded and optimised. With such good relationships already in place with the construction and mechanical contractors, he can now further assist clients when sites go live.

As well as assisting contractors, he is also partnering with stand-alone service and maintenance firms and gaining depth and momentum into this specialist marketplace.

There is plenty of activity, particularly in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, and we are seeing a candidate shortage around specialist Chiller Technicians, experienced BMS Commissioning/Service Engineers, Senior Management and well connected Account Managers. Perth is seeing a return of tradespeople from the mining sector, but local domestic and commercial tradespeople are still in demand across the country.

Winter is low season, but there are plenty of bids and tenders in the mix for some major contracts, so we anticipate a very busy and prosperous Spring & Summer! If you have experience in this sector, please call Trevor on 0419 015 099.

CGC Social

Things have been reasonably quiet on the CGC social side with the change in seasons resulting in 80% of the office being struck down with the dreaded CGC flu. But we are a resilient bunch – could be due to our regular fitness sessions!

There was a much anticipated Sunday afternoon outing to watch the so called “fight of the century” in the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight but unfortunately the 12 rounds did not live up to the expectations and some would say there was more action seen in Rory’s Wednesday afternoon boxing classes!

Big congratulations to Billy Versey who completed his two year anniversary with CGC this month heading up the construction and infrastructure team. Good on you Billy and what better way to celebrate than by running the Sydney half marathon on the 16th of May with a time of 1 hour 39 minutes! James Loomes was brave enough to join him and clocked in a snippet faster at 1 hour 32 minutes. Well done fellas!

The month is set to end with a bang with the long awaited trip to Melbourne for James Loomes’ bucks weekend where Thompson, Morris, Versey and Todd will be representing in CGC colours at Flemington Races.