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Should I search for a job during the holidays?

Are you holding off your job search, with the belief that no one hires during the summer break?  

While it’s true that the holidays provide a time to refresh, recharge, and enjoy the festivities - it’s also a time where job seekers can find a variety of employment opportunities. 

Searching for work at the end of the year is actually one of the optimal times to look - if you know how to approach it strategically! And with the new year just around the corner, a new role will ensure a fresh start for you. 

To get ahead of the crowd, read our article below to find out why you should continue your job search over the holidays.


Employees hire all year round - and holidays are no exception

A common misconception is that businesses stop hiring during the holiday season. In reality, this quieter period means more concentrated time for hiring new talent. Many organisations feel pressured to finalise their new hires before the new year due to business and financial goals. 

And this is great news for you! It means there will be less competition for available jobs, as the majority of other candidates are likely to take a break from their job hunt. Many are hesitant to start a new role during the holiday period - so if you’re the best candidate in a limited talent pool, you’ll have a greater chance of being noticed. You’ll also have better negotiating power in terms of salary package.     

The perfect time to network and be proactive

The holiday season presents great opportunities to network. Make sure you take advantage of the social events occurring throughout December and January - and come prepared with an elevator pitch. It’s also a good time to send a holiday message or card to your valued contacts to stay top-of-mind.

Want to build your network? Get in touch with former colleagues, your local community, or re-kindle old friendships. One of the best ways to find job roles is through someone who can personally recommend you for the position - not job advertisements.

In addition, seek recruiters such as CGC Recruitment who cater specifically to your field. If you’re applying for a role, contact the hiring manager and offer to catch up over coffee. They may even invite you to a work event to grow your network to further your personal brand.  

Make the most of your time off

If you’re currently employed, you may find it difficult to find time to search for the perfect role or prepare for interviews. So the Christmas holidays present the opportunity to work on your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

You can also update your:

  • resume
  • cover letter
  • references
  • social media profiles

Ensure you pay close attention to your top achievements and company contributions. 

The following questions might be helpful to identify your personal brand when putting together your documents and profiles:

  • Have you ever been promoted - or received any accolades for outstanding work?
  • What metrics can you use to illustrate how you saved a company’s bottom line, helped successfully complete a project on time, or increased productivity?
  • What important projects were you involved in at work? Collate any news articles or media releases to support this information. 

Consider a temporary role

If you’re currently unemployed and seeking permanent employment, consider applying for temporary roles in your field. Temporary placement provides an opportunity to learn new skills. It also adds another qualification to your resume.

Many organisations hire their temps on a full time basis  afterwards - and you could be one of them if you make a good impression! A temporary role allows you to showcase your skills within the day-to-day operations of the business. Ensure you perform well and express your desire to continue with the company when your contract is up.  

In summary

Contrary to widespread belief, the Christmas and new year holidays can provide an ideal time to search for a new role. 

Apart from having less competition and more dedicated time for interview and document preparation, you’ll also be placed in the best position to get a head start on the year ahead - and to seize a great new job.

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