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Favourably, employment growth for the public administration industry is projected to grow by 4.6% over the next five years. This is great news for job seekers searching for new opportunities within the public sector, as it reflects a strong and stable career choice.

However, you need to consider a variety of factors to ensure roles are the best fit. It’s helpful to explore the benefits of working in the public sector to identify where you want your career path to lead.  



What’s the difference between the public and private sector?

Working in the public sector means you’re employed by the local, state, or federal government. Some roles are directly related to the government’s function, such as transportation advisers who monitor and improve public roadways for the community.  

On the other hand, private sector roles are positions held inside individual businesses or other types of independent companies, like law firms, real estate, and hospitality.


Transferring your existing skills to the public sector

One of the best things about applying for government roles is that the required skills are usually ‘generalist’.  This means your current skills attained through professional services will be transferable across government departments and industries.

Our government roles are in high demand and have attracted jobseekers from a range of different industries. CGC Recruitment has onboarded and interviewed many candidates from the professional services sector, identifying some key attributes and transferable skills that our clients are particularly interested in. These include:

  • proactive decision-making in a fast-paced environment
  • high organisation and motivation
  • creative problem solving skills
  • agility in thinking and action
  • diversity of career experience

Candidates with a professional services background have a comprehensive understanding of different drivers and decision-cycle times. This is critical for achieving and supporting government policies and programs.


Why should you work in the government sector?

The public sector is not only highly diverse. There are enormous opportunities to expand your existing skill set, while gaining valuable experience across federal, state, or local government. 

Other key benefits include:

  • Work/life balance: The public sector can offer consistent work with very little overtime expected for most roles. Government organisations understand that a good work-life balance is vital for promoting physical and mental health.  In addition, many public sector roles have generous employee benefits such as:
    • shorter work weeks
    • rostered days off
    • paid parental leave

All these features contribute to a higher quality of life and come with flexible working conditions - regarding both hours and ways of working.

  • Professional development and advancement opportunities: Once hired, the government will be keen to invest in your skills. The government offers excellent training and development opportunities, with many agencies helping candidates align their career goals with individual development plans. This allows advancement within the public sector. 
  • Opportunities to move within Government: Government roles enable you to move within your agency through:
    • transfers
    • reassignments
    • secondments

There are currently many opportunities across metropolitan, rural, and regional areas, allowing you to expand your skill set, gain new experiences and thrive in a supportive work environment.  

  • Competitive salary: When you work for the government, you can expect a fair salary, plus superannuation contributions and salary sacrificing options. In addition to generous leave options, your package may include health insurance and other benefits that may be superior to other sectors. Finally, government roles offer long term stability. People who work in the public sector enjoy long careers and avoid the volatility of layoffs and turnover that can be common in the private sector.

Be part of the bigger picture

If you join the public sector, you’ll accomplish meaningful work that not only allows you to achieve your career ambitions. You’ll also help shape your nation’s future by serving the community.   

Moving from the professional services sector to the public sector can be rewarding in many ways - amd provide you with a steady and secure career.  

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